Naveen Balaji

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Aerospace Engineering,
G-177, Hall-2, IIT Kanpur

About Me

I am a Senior year Undergraduate in the department of Aerospace department at IIT Kanpur. I work as a research assistant in the Intelligent Guidance and Control Laboratory under the mentorship of Dr.Mangal Kothari. My primary research interests are in developing intelligent algorithms for the aerial-robots to perform autonomous missions. I have been a technical member of the AerialRobotics IITk group and the electronics club of IITK. I spend my time reading technical books, articles, and blogs. Apart from academics, I am an athlete.

Research Interests

  • Localization methods

  • Optimal Control

  • Reinforcement learning and Control

  • Optimization Methods

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  • Apr ‘20: Our paper "GPS Denied Localization and Magnetometer-Free Yaw Estimation for Multi-rotor UAVs" accepted at ICUAS 2020.

  • Feb ‘20: Selected for the Mitsubishi's project "Design and Investigation of a Fail-Safe System for Drone Positioning and Posture Estimation".

  • Apr ‘19: Accepted for SURGE summer fellowship in IITK, started working in Intelligent Guidance and Control Laboratory

  • My undergraduate intern story